San Sebastian, 1991. 25 years have gone by since Diego and Gonzalo Santaolalla decided to go out on their own in the fashion world. That was in 1991. They created the firms Indiwoman by Individual and Cold Alaska to respond to their desire to transmit a lifestyle, a philosophy based on naturalness and quality. In 2012 the two concerns merged to form Indi & Cold. With both founders at the management helm they set sail with Cristina Villar in the navigation room as creative director of the new enterprise.

“To embody our restlessness and desires we decided to set course towards a new adventure; a company that would have a strong sense of family and, above all, of the team: the indi team. Our roots are inevitably linked to the city of San Sebastian, a city with history, tradition and great beauty. That is why in our view, fashion goes beyond trends. This is a voyage of discovery to find a feminine, impeccable and unique fashion”.